The primary service that GTAnet delivers to its members is the provision of high-speed network connectivity to the rest of Ontario, Canada and beyond, through its partnership with ORANO.

GTAnet’s member driven model aims to make it possible for as many institutions as possible to enjoy the benefits of GTAnet.

GTAnet plays a key role for its members by
  • Providing gigabit connectivity to provincial and national high speed networks;

    • Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION)
    • CANARIE – Canada’s Advanced R&D network
    • International R&D networks (E.g. Internet 2)
  • Making access to research and education networks easier for members’ project partners;
  • Providing a regional high-speed network platform for regional collaboration;
  • Facilitating the interconnection of member campuses and new members;
  • Supplying cost effective, shared Internet connectivity;
  • Making available expert network management and support.
Learning Enhancement
  • New collaboration methods of learning and research among colleges, universities, research institutes via virtual university and college classrooms or laboratories with students and facilities in different locations
  • Inter-institutional Video Conferencing opportunities
  • Shared and ready access to large genomic and biotech databases
  • Telemedicine
  • Applied Research
  • Multi-gigabit data access to other colleges and universities and research partners