General Membership Announcements

GTANET-L@UTORONTO.CA is a closed list for GTAnet General Membership. Subscription to this mailing list requires prior approval from an authorized GTAnet member.

GTAnet Board

It is for discussions about GTAnet and notice of meetings. It is highly recommended that all GTAnet members subscribe at least one contact to GTANET-BOARD@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA.

NOC Announcements

GTANET-STATUS-REPORTS@NOC.GTANET.CA is for MEMBERS ONLY. This list is for operational contacts for outages and maintenance notifications. This is a closed list and requires approval by emailing to


The GTAnet engineering team is available to assist members in establishing and maintaining connectivity into the GTAnet Network.
The GTAnet engineering team can be reached by emailing to

General Membership

For inquiry about general membership, please contact:

Douglas Carson
Director, Network & Operations