GTAnet Networking operates a Network Operations Centre (NOC) based at the University of Toronto. GTAnet has engineering staff on call 7 x 24 to address any operational issues on the network.


The GTAnet Engineering group is available to assist members in establishing and maintaining connectivity into the GTAnet Network.


GTAnet supports a base network connectivity of 1 gigabit per second over Ethernet. Members may optionally request 10 gigabits or higher (when available) interfaces.

R&E Access

GTAnet members may, optionally, become members of ORION. GTAnet peers directly with the ORION network. Besides connectivity to the greater Research and Education community, ORION offers many services to its members, including direct peering with other providers such as Google, Rogers and Cogeco. Visit www.orion.on.ca for more information.

Internet Access

GTAnet peers directly with two Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These connections are provided over dedicated 10 gigabit interfaces. Internet bandwidth is made available to members on a shared basis. Members can subscribe to any amount of bandwidth suitable to their requirements.


GTAnet can provision, at the request of a member, a dedicated lightpath between any two points on the GTAnet network.


VLANs and other networking services can be provisioned as required to service special needs of members.